Allow users to select dark / light theme

(Mike) #27

That was it, my bad. I thought the padding was creating the margin on the left, but was definitely the cause. Thanks @awesomerobot.

(AstonJ) #28

Is there a way to allow users to select a theme without making it a public option? So only a person with the URL can use the theme?

A bit like how you can select the mobile view with: (switch off with this)

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(Carey B) #29

Thanks for posting this.

I used your css for .logo-small, but deleted the padding-left. When I delete the padding I see the other theme’s small logo overlaid on the new theme’s small logo. Did you run into that same problem? Did you update this css?

(Eddie One) #30

Thanks, I wanted a dark theme for a long time but the bosses prefer light themes as they don’t code. This solves that.

(Sylwia) #31

Can I set the default template for each user group (trust level) separately?