Alter order of columns in topic list?

(Pirat) #1

How can I make such a design?
design Screenshot

Help Needed: Swap/Reorder Columns in Topic Table

That’s the default design isn’t it?

(Pirat) #3

Yes, I have not changed anything


So what do you wish to do? What do you want to change?

(Pirat) #5

What is shown in the screenshot


I’m confused man, that’s like endless information. Maybe start by playing with the colors in the settings?

(Pirat) #7

I do not understand what you’re talking about
I need to replace the standard design on the one that you see in the screenshot

(Drew) #8

Ultimate is asking what the difference is between the default design and the screenshot.

So far I see:

  • Topic metrics moved
  • Font changed

Is there anything else?


I don’t understand either, I want to help you though.

You’re saying I don’t like the default design, I want to change it? I’m asking, what would you like to change it to?

(Pirat) #10

the screenshot does not see?
and all, nothing more is needed

(Pirat) #11

I did not change the font, all standard

(Mittineague) #12

If I’m understanding, you want to change from this


to this


My first thought was that JavaScript would be needed.

You apparently managed to do something in your browsers dev tools to get the screenshot.

Do you remember what that was?


I’m legit trying to do this now. lol I don’t know much about CSS but I don’t think one can move the order of columns of a table using it… but if he did it in the screenshot, must be possible?

(Pirat) #14

I did it manually using faerbag F12

(Pirat) #15

Well, there is the idea
How can I do it?

(Mittineague) #16

How did you do it using Firebug?

(Pirat) #17

Simply move each column separately
Does it matter?

(Pirat) #19

and that if you make a dual repository which makes changes to the engine if from another git repository?

(Jay Pfaffman) #20

The best way is to make a plugin.

(Pirat) #21

and there is a plugin that makes the plug-in?
I just do not know how to do plug-ins