Alternate labels for "solved"?

tl;dr: It would be nice to customize the “solved” label for different categories

I really appreciate this plugin, and think it’s super useful for getting help within a community. I’m in the process of thinking about how a company could deploy Discourse internally as its communication hub, and one thing that would be really helpful is to mark a particular post as a “Decision.”

This was inspired by the Threads feature as seen here:

For certain categories, say “non-help-seeking” ones, I would love to change the label to “Decision” and “Mark as Decision” in the configuration UI. The functionality can remain the same, but this could be super powerful.

Furthermore, it would be great if I could filter a category, showing only those posts that have had decisions made.

While I know that the functionality would be identical here, I think that it’s the psychology of calling it a “decision” vs. “solved” that would be helpful to a team.

Thanks for any consideration!


We just added the feature of category specific moderators being able to add “staff notes” to posts in the categories they moderate for this very reason.

So the owners of a company department can mark decisions using staff notes only under the category they own.


Thanks! And that’s certainly a nice feature, though I’m not sure it quite solves what I’m getting at here.

  1. Feels like the topic owner should be able to mark as a decision, not just “staff” or specific category moderators.
  2. Being able to filter “decided” topics in the same way that “solved” works would be huge for evergreen discussion, and perhaps anyone that joins a team later to benefit from
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Why not use a tag here with special styling?

Then you get all the tag features, you can filter on it, and so on.

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Thanks Sam. Mostly as far as I understand one can only associate a tag with the Topic and not individual Post that describes the decision. Am I off there?

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That is correct, but I wonder why it would be a problem? Why not have one big decision per topic?

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Adding a tag that would be “decision” does make sense, as it would enable someone to cut right to those things that were “decided”. But it’s not just that.

I suppose my motivation for wanting something more like “solved” is two fold:

  • Promoting the “decision” post in search vs. the topic post
    • i.e. I noticed that sometimes when I search Discourse Meta, and navigate to the topic, it takes me automatically to the solution vs. the topic post.
  • Marking something as the “decision” quickly and easily, which would then automatically add it into the original topic start post

I realize as I write the above that it’s possible I failed to include some context.

This was a top-level feature of the Threads product, and something that I found extremely powerful. A discussion can begin, evolve into the group deciding upon something, and then when the decision was made, a specific post would be marked as the decision. That would then be seen at the top of the post, easily discoverable for anyone that’s navigating organically to that post.

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