An understandable explanation of 'Top'?

Hi, there are several topics asking for the Top calculation and in all of them the answer provided is a link to discourse/top_topic.rb at ee36382640560191a8a43e87b607ef00051e019b · discourse/discourse · GitHub

This is of course the most precise and correct answer possible, but… could someone volunteer a non-dev-human-readable explanation? Or maybe it exists and it could be added here? For instance, “Top is calculated based on likes on the first post, likes on the rest of comments, number of replies and number of views” (no idea how true is this because I didn’t have the patience to go line by line through the source code. :slight_smile:

Hi Quim,

Thanks for reaching out.

I just posted a reference guide on How “Top” Topics are Calculated that should answer any questions you have about how Discourse decides which topics are considered “Top”.

In summary:

I hope this helps! :grin:


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