Anchor links go to topic not published page content


I’m trying to create anchor links on our Terms and Conditions page. However, the only way I can do this is to edit the post, and the heading links just go back to the community topic when you click them. They don’t take you to the correct place on the published page, as they should.

Here is our TOS page - can someone help please? Am I doing something wrong here?


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OK here’s how to make them work in both places :peacock:

  1. Set up your titles as basic titles as normal, here I’ll use an example:
## Keep It Tidy
blah blah blah

## This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion
foo foo bar

## Improve the Discussion
blah foo rah
  1. Then editing topic page further, create a contents section at top.
## Contents

<a href="">Keep it Tidy</a>
<a href="">This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion</a>
<a href="">Improve the Discussion</a>
  1. Now view the Topic page as normal and go to each link and copy the link.
  • Put each link in the href between the quotes for that specific item, but, and here’s the critical part, only bother with the # part.

  • so you end up with something like:

<a href="#keep-it-tidy-2">Keep it Tidy</a>
<a href="#this-is-a-civilized-place-for-public-discussion-3">This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion</a>
<a href="#improve-the-discussion-4">Improve the Discussion</a>
  1. This should now work on both the Topic and the published page.


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