Android Native Client

Is there anything in the licensing that would restrict me from creating an Android app which fetches data from the API? I’m curious to work on a project which works as a front-end for android devices using native code and widgets. Certainly don’t want to waste my time working on something only to find out there’s a legal issue and it needs to be taken off the play store.

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No issue doing this AFAIK.

The only restriction is that it cannot be confused with an official Discourse app by name, and it cannot use our logo.


Thanks for the replies. I’m trying to imagine the technical limitations here. There would need to be a strategy for dealing with plugins. Also breaking API changes. Initial thoughts are to only support latest discourse version if it’s too much efforts otherwise. Perhaps with plugins the built-in and most used could be coded for and the remaining could be disabled sanely. Guess that’s a bit of experimentation to be done.