Animated Avatar

:information_source: Summary Discourse Animated Avatars adds the ability for users to upload gif avatars which will animate on hover or selection in posts, user cards, and profile pages.
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By default, this pauses animation when not focused. Within topics, animation will pause when post is not hovered or selected.

animated_avatars_always_animate: overrides the above pausing, forces avatars to always animate.
animated_avatars_min_trust_level_to_display restrict animating of avatars by trust level.

Respects prefers-reduced-motion in the browser’s accessibility options: Animations will be disabled entirely.


This plugin has an optional dependency on gifsicle. This is used to resize uploaded gif images to fit a square avatar, which helps to wrangle aspect ratios as well as normalize any differences between the static and animated images’ sizes for a smoother swap. The plugin will still function without it, but any non-square avatars may appear stretched when shown.

To enable, you will add a call to the install script in your app.yml. A example of what the after_code hook will look like is the following:

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins/discourse-animated-avatars
        raise_on_fail: false
          - $home/plugins/discourse-animated-avatars/scripts/


Name Description
animated avatars min trust level to display Min trust level to display an animated avatar
animated avatars always animate Always animate avatars