Animation from post down to Related Topics section

The Related Topics section is often nice for new user questions. However many don’t know it exist. What would be nice is to have an icon :owl: in the post that when a user clicks on it, it show an animation of an object like an owl flying down the page, landing on Related Topics and then that being highlighted or something to show that it is a group of topics.

To make it easy for a user editing a post to insert the icon, give it a short cut sequence for entry, e.g. Ctrl+RT or what ever fits the current key pattern.

To add even more spice to it, every now and then if the icon is a slot machine :slot_machine: and when clicked will randomly pick 5 of the top 10 topics for the list and show the titles spinning before stopping.

Here is an example where the question was better answered by noting to check the Related Topics first.