Any existing theme with categories on top as cards?

Hello everybody,

Before I start I wanted to thanks for that awesome piece of software.
I was using Discourse all over the place on many websites without really thinking about the underlying software…
But I just set up a self-hosted instance and it’s amazing! Thanks again…

The next step for me is to customize it. I started to look for inspiration in the “Customers” section of the Discourse website: Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion
Something I liked a lot on some of these forums is when the categories are listed at the top in cards-like links like in here: Conan Exiles - Funcom Forums
or here Metal: Hellsinger - Funcom Forums
And there is even some that have direct thread as cards…

Then I also looked at the themes from here on the left meta(dot)discourse(dot)org/c/theme/61/none
But I was not able to find any theme that has a similar layout for the categories.

So I wanted to know if there are other places where I can find themes?


PS: Sorry for that two links redacted, as a new user I’m limited to only post two links. It might makes sense to not count links from within this very forum…


In addition to a theme there is a theme-component, and you can use multiple components together. :+1:

A couple that might interest you:

Discourse is very customizable, and a sensible approach is to find (or create) a theme that styles the overall site, and then use theme components as needed for specific features (such as the category cards :point_up:). :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response.

I missed that “theme-component” category, I’ll look in here (while the ‘theme’ section seems to be closed and have a fixed list of theme, the “theme-category” seems to be an actual forum so it might be a little more difficult to find something).

Also, I guess that sooner or later I’ll need to dive into customizing using HTML/CSS (even JS?) to do things like adding a background overall or even only within the category cards like in those example.

I found those threads (with some others listed in them)

Well I guess I have some reading :slight_smile:


If your familiar with Inspect element(Desktop browser) it is possible but maybe not true. The forums you linked might be running Discourse. :smirk:

Welcome here, Akai! :wave:

I’m not sure what you mean by “seems to be closed” and “seems to be an actual forum” :slight_smile:

theme and theme-component are both categories that have the same security settings.
You can reply to existing topics, but to post your own theme or theme component, you must belong to the Theme authors - Discourse Meta group :slight_smile:

Their page appearance differs as you may have noticed, but they are both topic lists.

Themes will change the whole appearance of your forum, whereas theme components usually add new features.

It may help depending on what you want to do. Discourse has its own JS API. Since all themes and theme components on meta are open source, you can look at their code to see how they work.

Feel free to ask questions in support or dev if you need help after reading the proper documentation :slight_smile: