Any good Memberpress alternatives for wordpress?

Hey Gang, hope you are well. Having trouble finding the answer I am looking for with the search feature.

I have a new discourse project that requires a paid subscription model. I currently use memberpress and can’t stand their lack of flexibility.

Does anyone know of any good/modern payment gateway alternatives to memberpress?

Paid subscribers will need to login into WordPress, where they will have access to protected pages with premium content, along with a forum link in the navigation.

I really despise memberpress and their lame checkout page so hoping something better exists.

Thanks for your time.


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Have a look at WooCommerce Subscriptions. In conjunction with WooCommerce Memberships it does recurring billing and content restriction.

But also consider Discourse Subscriptions if Discourse is the main focus of your community.

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Your can try the subscription plugin and have discourse be the authentication source. I’m not quite sure how it will enforce things on the WordPress site.

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