Any interest in open source Learning management system chrome extension?

(Vikas Kedia) #1

Features of the chrome extension:

We use discourse internally as a learning management system.

We have tried more complicated LMS and discourse is significantly better with the help of this chrome extension.

Allowing users to control video play speed
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

By all means, please share it in #plugin:extras!

(Alex Salvador) #3

I’d be very interested in a description of how you used discourse as an LMS as well !
From the picture you shared I can see each topic is a single question, but how do people answer these questions and how are they rated as correct or not ?
Do you use polls ?

(Vikas Kedia) #4

Using polls.

The poll choice from a selected admin is considered the correct answer.

There is some hard coded stuff in the current browser extension. I will convert them into parameters and then upload it.