Any objection to adding an SSO IDP parameter?

I would like to add an optional parameter to the /session/sso path that the controller would add onto the IDP request URL. The purpose is to tell the IDP which authentication flow to initiate, i.e. social login or local login. I can’t do that without giving some kind of signal to the IDP as part of the initial Discourse SSO redirect.

I’m thinking something like idp_param as the optional parameter, i.e.:

Would there be any objection to this and a pull request?

The reason for this is I want to create a big banner that invites anonymous visitors to sign in using one of the up-stream social providers configured on our IDP as I think the single ‘Login’ button Discourse provides is not inviting or informative enough.

Current mock-up where the two social buttons would add a idp_param to the URL:

Another way would be to make the settings SSO URL a key-value collection so you could have different IDP URLs that a parameter could target by key, i.e.

default :
fb :
google :


But this is more work for a low-use scenario.