Any performance-related areas you'd like investigated?

I have some free time over the next couple of weeks - I’d love to dive into some specific Ruby/SQL slowness areas of Discourse.

Looking at the contribution guidelines, I see a specific “Improve performance” section, but I’ve having trouble digging thru open bugs and identifying which ones are Ruby/SQL related.


  1. Any one have pointers on performance-related Ruby/SQL issues?
  2. Any one have suggestions on seeding a database w/a significantly-sized data set so any changes are easy to benchmark?

Apologies in advance on the newbie questions - just getting started w/ Discource.


Hi itsderek23 welcome to the forum

There may be more eloquent ways of testing perfomance but you could try using the profiler information.

In development, you should see “time” to the upper left.
That can open more information.
And if you click under “query” you can see what they are.