Any support for Sendy integration with Discourse?

(Harry) #1

I am looking for an integration between Sendy (A self hosted email clients that uses Amazon SES for sending emails) with Discourse. So that whenever a person makes a purchase on my wordpress blog. S/he is automatically sent an invitation for a specific discourse group (based on the item purchased) via email.

I couldn’t find anything even on Zapier. Is anyone aware of anything, any script or tool that uses Sendy or Discourse API to achieve this?

This will not only save a lot of money, but time to manually send invitations to each customer as well,

(Simon Cossar) #2

I’m not familiar with Sendy, or with how it is integrated with your WordPress site, but there seems to be Zapier support for Sendy that can be triggered when a subscriber is added to a mailing list: Sendy - Integration Help & Support | Zapier.

If you can get WordPress/Sendy/Zapier integration working, you can automate invites by having Zapier create a POST request to when a user is added to the list. An example curl request for creating an invite looks like this, with $api_key set to your All Users API Key. Set the api_username to the username of an admin on your site:

curl -X POST -d "api_key=$api_key&api_username=simon&"

You can test this out with curl or Postman before trying to set it up with Zapier.

(Harry) #3

That’s exactly what I was looking for!
I still won’t prefer Zapier since that’s adding an unnecessary pivot to my clean architecture. But the curl command is 100% useful. I can atleast make a custom shell script or use sendy’s API to make this request.

I will update this thread with the script once I get this done. thanks a lot @Simon_Cossar :slight_smile: