Any test/dev instance with the latex plugin activated that I can try?

I recall some devs mentioning a public URL of a Discourse instance that was running the latest version and was available to try things out, and it wasn’t I wasn’t able to find that URL on the main website (or somewhere pinned on meta).

Which one is it? And does it have the official Latex plugin activated?

My Discourse Standard Install – Literate Computing, LLC and Discourse Pro Install – Literate Computing, LLC include the math plugin. If you choose not to use the install in the first 30 days I’ll delete your site and refund your money. Also the free trial includes it Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion. If you already have discourse installed, it’s a safe plugin to try out.

Edit: oh, but you have a bigger problem to sort out. Discourse Math Plugin. I’d recommend setting up a staging instance to see how your old data will work with the newer plugin.