Anyway to style discourse topic title? ( IE, red, bold, highlight, anything. )

You can target your CSS based on a specific tag or category.

There are two areas where you can add category / tag specific styles to topics.

  1. In the topic list

    We add both the topic’s category and its tags to the <tr> element that contains that item. So, a topic in the #meta category that has the tags automotive and machines will look like this in your browser inspection tools

    HTML tree view of the TR element discussed above

    if you want to target it based on the category, you would use tr.category-meta as your selector. If you want to target it based on the tag automotive, you would use tr.tag-automotive and so on.

  2. On topic pages

    We also do the same here. We add the relevant category and tag classes on topic pages. The only difference is that we add them to <body> tag instead. So, it looks like this

    HTML tree view of the Body element discussed above

You can read more about how to add CSS to your Discourse site here