Can we highlight a topic in the using an indicator like New Posts or by changing the color of the whole row?

(Gus Adapon, ELS) #1

I searched this category and the plugin and feature categories, but did not see a topic that addressed my question. I ran searches for “indicator” and “new post”.

Is there a plugin that allows a topic to be distinguished in the list of latest topics if it was posted in a particular category being highlighted some way? The highlight could be an indicator like the “New” indicator. Or it could be a change of color for the whole row.

On my Discourse, I would like to distinguish topics made in one category (Classifieds) so that anytime someone posts a new topic there, they are highlighted in the Latest Topics list. Or the topic author could tick a checkbox so their topic could be highlighted in the list of latest topics.

I am new to Discourse, so maybe there is already a way to accomplish this. I would love to learn of a Discourse Way of accomplishing this.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You should be able to target the CSS class for the row, I believe it includes the category info. If you have anyone that is familiar with HTML and CSS they can make the change in Admin, Customize, CSS.

(cpradio) #3

CSS would be similar to (for targetting the howto category)

table.topic-list tr.category-howto {
  background-color: ###;