API endpoint to wait for the mail queue to drain?


After injecting mails using the /admin/email/handle_mail API endpoint, the mails are scheduled for processing. Is there an API endpoint to wait until the queue drained? Or get the size of the queue?


What problem are you experiencing that you are trying to solve?

I’m not sure what you’re asking? Is there something ambiguous about the problem expressed above?

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You ask for a solution. It’s not clear what the problem is. Mostly those messages are processed pretty quickly and it’s not an issue. I think that if they are queued you might get the list from sidekiq.

Why do you need the list of queued messages? Mostly no queue exists.

You are mistaken: mail processing is asynchronous and queued, reason why it makes sense to wait for the queue to drain.

I don’t think we expose any API for that at the moment. The closest thing we have would be the Sidekiq Web UI for the default queue where this job will wait at /sidekiq/queues/default


Since the processing of emails is sequential, the following workaround works:

  • /admin/email/handle_mail submit a mail with a unique subject/title such as Red Lantern (timestamp) addressed to categoryname@example.com.
  • look for the category id of the category for which the email in setting is categoryname@example.com
  • search with the following parameters:
    • ‘term’ = Red Lantern (timestamp)
    • ‘search_context[type]’ = ‘category’
    • ‘search_context[id]’: category id
  • Loop over ‘topics’ in the result and compare the ‘title’ value to Red Lantern (timestamp)
  • If found it means all mails preceding this one were processed
  • delete the Red Lantern (timestamp) topic using the topic['id'] from the search results

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