Apple M1 Development Install does not show images: appreciate inputs

I installed discourse natively on Apple M1 due to Docker limitations on ARM.

Things generally work well, however, all images can not be shown

  • All image request failed GET /letter_avatar_proxy/v4/letter/h/cc9497/40.png 500 16.963 ms - 0, logs suggests (screen shot below)
    Failed to process hijacked response correctly : ArgumentError : invalid value for Integer(): "1990-01-01"
  • i also observe No such file or directory - sysctl instructions: ["convert", although ImageMagick is installed and available from console.

Appreciate your inputs.

I ran into the same issue while trying to configure selectable avatars in my development environment. That was back in November, so clearly this has gone under the radar for a while now.

Thanks! I’m quite new to ruby/rails, wasn’t able to further root-cause the issue. It does not appear to be a well-known issue that gets attention from more folks and team.