Apply a Group to All New Users

How do I set up a group to be applied to all new users?

Why would you need such a thing? Why can’t you use @everyone instead?

I’m need a way to give default access to categories that I can revoke for bad behavior, without resorting to silencing or suspension.

One strategy is to have a default group that can be lost.

Another way is to disallow members of a group, but discourse doesn’t allow for this.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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You could use trust levels for this, force the problem users into trust level 0 forever via admin console and grant the slightly higher rights to trust level 1


That might work, but there are other restrictions on TL0…

Why not add that as a feature to allow a group to be applied or removed at certain triggers?

That means we need to define a rather complex UX for workflows inside the admin section. Technically you can achieve this today with a plugin and we have some prior art with the way we define parts of workflows with webhooks.

I do see us having a “drag and drop” workflow kind of thing in the next say 5-10 years, but it is not in the immediate or medium plan.

When I say “workflow” I mean using admin interfaces in some theoretical world you could define.

  • When a user is created
  • Then apply group X to user

Being “workflowy” it could allow for crazy stuff like

  • When a user is created
  • Send a notification to User Y with the text user bob was created.


  • When user bob posts a reply
  • make group test watch the topic

These kind of systems are mega flexible and allow for tons of magic, but are a very big project we have not even sketched out or planned.

Your immediate solutions here are either to use trust level OR build a plugin which has all the hooks to make your workflow happen.