Automatically Add New Users To A Group

I want to:

  1. Create a custom Group (call it Newbies)
  2. Automatically add every new user to Newbies

Seems simple but I haven’t been able to find the answer.

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That’s not currently supported short of writing a plugin to do that.

If you want all the new users, you can always use the @trust_level_0 group.


Here is my desired use case. Looking for possible solutions.

  1. All New users are automatically Group A and see X content, but not Y content.
  2. New users are manually put into Group B. Group B sees Y content, but not X content.

I have tried this with trust levels this way: New users are TL1. TL1 sees Content X based on Topic level Security settings. The problem is that >TL1 users also see X content. I want to hide X content from >TL1.

I feel like I have a good grasp on Trust Levels, Groups and Topic Security Settings, so I am looking for solutions I have overlooked.

Anyone have any creative solutions for this use case?

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I really wish this would be a feature that’s available out of the box. Since Discourse already has the ability to add new users from a specific domain, it doesn’t seem that big of a stretch to let us have the ability to add all new users (regardless of domain) to a certain group designated as a primary group by the admin.

the problem with this solution is that TL0 also/always includes TL1 and above. There is no way to target those who are only TL0

I have wanted to have the ability to show content to NEW members for some time, and the way I was thinking of doing this was to have a category, only visible to new members, that includes the most basic materials for getting started, and would eventually disappear (as they are awarded TL1 or maybe TL2)

I can create a category with security settings to show to TL0 but this does not achieve the desired result.

Most settings around Trust Levels are additive, and not exclusive - so you get more and more access, but cannot use increasing trust to hide content that might be ‘noise’

I was thinking that a badge query might help by awarding it to new customers who join, and then have the badge revoked when they no longer qualify (e.g. “member where days since joined < 60”) - are revocation queries run automatically or is this something that we need to add?

Unfortunately, you can’t use badges to limit access, as that belongs to Groups

I know that there have been other thoughts around this (like this: What if badges could optionally synchronize group membership? ) but I can’t find any further developments

Is there another way to achieve this (without a custom plugin, because we’re hosted)?


Same here. When we first get discourse, New users don’t even have a trust group. They do but it is very limited, a couple of badges and they are in T1, but the tag inordinately includes T1 if you tag @trust_level_0 …You can’t add automatic trust level without going to T0 first…even Discourse has not achieved it or made a plugin with that kind of system :thinking:

No, not that I am aware of. Or Discourse for that matter.