Apply background to a Category page

Hi all!

Is it possible to add a background image to a category page only? So the topics on the category still have a white background?


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Yes, you can achieve this using CSS.

If you inspect the source of the category pages you should see the body tag has the class ‘categories-list’. If you want to show different backgrounds on different category pages you would target both categories-list and the per-category class.


Thanks for your reply. I will try, but it would be nice to have a menu option? To either apply background pic to all topics or only to the category page. Thanks!

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I’m trying to find what @Stephen mentioned in this category-page: ESPAÑA - El Foro Viajero | Foro de viajes

body.category-espana {
background-image: url(/uploads/db2769/original/1X/de5283a….jpeg);

I don’t understand which is the categories-list css. If you could let me know which code should i add it would be really helpful as my CSS knowledge is still progressing :slight_smile: