Are server management services worth it?

I was wondering if people here use server management services like Cloudways for their Discourse websites? I’m not sure what the correct term for these types of services is, but they help you to manage your cloud server on sites like DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. Messing with my server in the command window has always been the biggest thing I have struggled with using Discourse. I feel like they would make things easier.

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There is a full range of levels on how much managed a server is. I personally don’t like it because it tends to be really expensive and I am confortable working on CLIs (like, it’s literally my job).

Are those services worth it? To me, no. To you, probably yes.

Cloudways seems to be really towards PHP applications so that wouldn’t help a lot with Discourse. So if you’re going to test it I would really review the refund policy or the level of support they are willing to give you.


They don’t because those tools are generally designed to manage PHP (aka LAMP) sites, so they don’t help with Discourse.

I’m working on a tool that will allow you to make changes by pushing changes to an inventory file to github. It’s currently useful mostly if you’re someone who wants to manage and sync plugins between a staging and production site, but my plan is to have an interface that will let you easily kick off rebuilds, plugin addition/removal and other basic configuration chores.


Cool! Let me know when you release it.