Are these plugins possible?

I’m considering multiple open-source forum apps and Discourse is definitely the front-runner. Had some questions re: its ability to be enhanced.

I have 2 enhancements I’d like to see for my forum:

  1. Hide certain features behind a paywall (posting new topics, etc) using Bitcoin or some other crypto-currency for subscriptions.
  1. Assign users “credits” based on their activity. i guess this is similar to reputation points BUT those points would eventually be able to be used for different site activities.

The first sounds like a membership module, paid groups which change rights by adding users to premium groups.

The second sounds like it could be achieved with trust levels?

Let me caveat this with: Anything is possible, it just depends on how much ruby/javascript knowledge, and time the developer has.

For number 1, the Discourse Patreon Integration plugin would be a good starting point. You’d need to remove the Patreon API and replace it with an API for your crypto-currency provider first. That would allow you to add users to groups based on payment. You’d then need a plugin to modify what a user can do based on group membership, I don’t think there are any examples of that.

For number 2, you’d need a plugin that calculates these points based on forum activity. That shouldn’t be too complicated. Then, using the same plugin from number 1 you’d add them to groups based on how they spend their points and with that can gain access.

Both are doable, but are likely to be fairly involved.

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The paid-membership plugin would work there too, wouldn’t it?

Certainly could, but I’ve never used the plugin so I’m not sure how it works or if it is up to date.

Yeah, I saw that plugin. My main concern about the plugin was that it didn’t appear to be actively worked on and that, on one of the top forum posts there, the developer banned a user for asking a question. Was kind of off-putting.

Perhaps I should just check it out first and, perhaps, fork it to support a different payment system.

We had a few problems with him here too, but I was under the impression he had cleaned up his act.

The Patreon plugin might be the way to go then.

Yeah, and I have 0 ruby experience. Will take a look @ plugin creation to see how involved it is.

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The plugins you’re describing would not be what I’d start with if I was trying to get into plugin development. If you do attempt this, feel free to post specific questions you run into in #dev. If you’re looking for a developer to assist more directly, try #marketplace.

@jomaxro Did you manage to get futher with this? I am looking into options like this too.

Hi Erwin! I didn’t do anything with this other than share ideas. To accomplish this you’d need to create a plugin (or two).


Check. Thanks for letting me know!