Monero Subscriptions Plugin

:information_source: Summary Monero Subscriptions allows site owners to sell recurring and one-time purchase subscriptions that grant access to a group on a Discourse instance.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link GitHub - spirobel/monero-discourse-subscriptions: A Discourse plugin that allows payments and subscription management via Monero.
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


Here is a video that describes the features:

The full video can also be found on youtube:Monero powered patreon! Open sourced NOW! - YouTube


Please follow the steps described in the README of the github repository:


  • I tried this with stagenet coins and it has been running without issue on since I created it.
  • There is currently no budget to maintain it, so don’t use it for production.

Because of the versatile permission system of Discourse, it is possible to use this in many creative ways to sell content / access to more productive group conversations.

I used a special technique to make the better maintained js package work with Discourse:

If you are looking for similar solutions I am also available for consulting work. This work can be adapted for other cryptocurrencies and payment providers.


Hey, can it be adapted to display the XMR prices calculated from USD like BTCPay?

That could gain more attention and use cases :slight_smile:

Where do you currently see the difference between the way this plugin works and BTCPay?