ARIA - composer window elements are not being read

aria-label elements are missing from title input and main editor textarea.

Reporting here as I’m not sure the best ember-ish way of adding the additional label fields on the prebuilt components.

On testing, it seems like chromevox can at least read the title input, but it would be good to have in case other screenreaders are not compatible with placeholder-only. It is not great at the textarea, as it does not read from the placeholder.


I’ve got something for this by way of adding a d-textarea component. Let me know if this looks good, or if there’s a better ember way to do something like this @joffreyjaffeux :pray:

It adds role=“form” to the composer window with the action button’s label (reply/create topic/whisper) so that screenreaders know how to read the element. It also adds the placeholders as aria-labels so screenreaders know how to announce the elements.