Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Discourse Platform

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Discourse is indeed exploring and incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into its platform. Here are some applications and discussions related to AI and ML in the context of Discourse:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Discourse Platform by Pat: This topic directly asks about the role of AI and ML in Discourse. Potential uses mentioned include suggesting already answered questions, assisting in writing responses, altering sentiment, or ranking search results, and analyzing the text to suggest relevant tags.

  2. How “difficult” is modifying/extending Discourse for a backend dev by sam: In this discussion, sam appreciates the “explain using ai feature”, hinting at an AI-powered feature being used within the community or as part of developers’ tools.

  3. Plans for more languages for Sentiment by Falco: Falco points out the plan to expand the languages available for sentiment analysis, using both simple ML models and multilingual Large Language Models (LLMs) for classifying data instead of dedicated models.

These discussions and features show Discourse’s active engagement with AI and ML to enhance the platform’s capabilities.


Are those possible with Discourse AI?


Yes, the possible uses of AI and ML within Discourse that were mentioned, such as suggesting already answered questions, helping write responses, changing sentiment, or ranking search results, are indeed feasible. Here’s how AI and ML can support these functionalities:

  1. Suggesting already answered questions: AI can analyze the content of a new post or query in real time and compare it against a database of previously answered questions. By understanding the semantics and context of the question, it can suggest relevant answers or topics that have already addressed similar issues.

  2. Helping write responses: AI-driven text completion and suggestion tools can assist users in formulating responses by suggesting how to start sentences or complete their thoughts based on the context of the conversation and common language models. This can significantly speed up response times and help maintain engagement across the forum.

  3. Changing sentiment: AI models trained on sentiment analysis can evaluate the tone and sentiment of the responses and suggest modifications to encourage a more positive or neutral tone. This can be especially useful in maintaining a constructive and friendly community atmosphere.

  4. Ranking search results: AI can improve the relevance of search results by learning from user interaction patterns, such as which search results are clicked on and engaged with the most. By using factors like the contextual relevance of posts, recency, and user engagement, AI can dynamically rank search results to display the most useful content first.

While the integration and effectiveness of these AI features depend on continuous development and the specific configurations set by Discourse administrators, they represent a significant step towards smarter, more interactive, and helpful forum interactions.

I suggest getting started by reading Discourse AI Plugin, which explains what is offered in the plugin and how to configure different portions.

You might also want to browse the ai tag, there’s a lot of information here on Meta. :slight_smile: