Assign specified badge a single user

you can assign a specific and personalized badge, to a specific user?

Yes, go to the Admin > Users area, find the user, choose Edit Badges, select the badge from the drop down and choose Grant.


The badge, has necessarily need a query?

If you don’t have it marked as ‘Run revocation query daily’, then yes, you can still assign it manually, but if that option is checked, and the user doesn’t meet the requirements, then they will lose the badge (I think).

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I have seen that you can also use without assigning a query.
Another question:
To assign a badge with a name other than ‘Other’ (but a name ‘Contest’), I have to necessarily create a group and add a user on the inside?
Because if not it does not appear in the newly created group…

(The system is not handled very well)

Where did you create the new Group?

When creating/editing a badge, click the Pencil icon next to the Group dropdown, it brings up a UI where you can add Badge related Groups.

Click New, enter a name, click the checkmark, and click Save.

Now it will show that group in the Group Dropdown on the Badges Admin page.


So, without giving a specific query to a group, I can give a specific badge an a specific member… right?

Yes? If there is no query related to the badge, it can only be manually assigned… so I think your statement is true.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I beg to ask another question if I may:
I activated the badge now…
you can inseirire with a single query, all users enrolled in a particular group without having to manually insert them one by one?

I think this is what you are after

If you have users in a Group, you can create a query that says “If you are part of this group, you get this badge”

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Yes, I had read this topic, however, registered users so far are not in any group, and I would to add them directly all and not one by one…

In the Admin Area, there is a bulk input box to add multiple users to a given group.

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