Attachment records cleared doing post rebake

(Junaid Mailk) #1


We have around more than 5 lac attachments in Vbulletin. When we imported these posts into Discourse same no of records were created in the ‘uploads’ table. Recently for some reasons we rebake the posts and all records from ‘uploads’ table removed automatically. I was checking the code and could not find any trace. Is there any flow in code that is deleting data from uploads folder? Thanks

@neil can you please check this? Thanks


Uploaded files mysteriously going missing
(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

If clean up uploads is enabled, uploads that aren’t linked in posts will be deleted.

(Junaid Mailk) #3

Could you please share the configuration setting that i need to change? i checked but could not find the settings. Thanks


(Junaid Mailk) #4

ok found the configuration. Thanks

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

Type uploads in the search on settings, it’s the second one.

(Junaid Mailk) #6

Thanks Falco, i found that.