Authentication failure! invalid_credentials: OAuth2::Error


I have installed a new environment in production in an intranet environment. I got this OIDC error and cannot see what is wrong. I had done the same settings on another environment and it worked !

(oidc) Authentication failure! invalid_credentials: OAuth2::Error, 
Started GET "/auth/failure?message=invalid_credentials&origin=<url>&strategy=oidc" for <IP> at 2024-03-21 08:12:10 +0000
Processing by Users::OmniauthCallbacksController#failure as HTML
  Parameters: {"message"=>"invalid_credentials", "origin"=>"https://<url>/", "strategy"=>"oidc"}
  Rendered users/omniauth_callbacks/failure.html.erb within layouts/no_ember (Duration: 0.1ms | Allocations: 35)

Any idea how to solve this problem ?