Auto-activate new users

Yes, old data. Just need to get them activated.

I’m open to anything that will work. Thanks fellas.

How do you import users? I’m not seeing it in Admin/Users

I see an Invite option, but not an Import option (where they’d be activated automatically upon import).

@Falco i have tried disabling local logins, but email verification is still happening. As once i come back from oauth screen, it prompts me to put an email address and then it send activation email again.
it forces me to put email and forces me to active my added email, :frowning:


That’s because your oauth2 provider is not marking the user email as verified. What oauth2 are you using?


I am using Google, Twitter, Github, FB, all have same issue. may be problem is somewhere else?

Can you reproduce this issue while logging in via Google on ?

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