Auto-activate new users

(Owen Sullivan) #1

I want to disable the requirement for new users to verify through email, mostly because my server does not have sendmail and my sendgrid account has a limited number of emails that can be sent each month.

I know I probably will not surpass this limit on my forum (for a long, long time), but I want to use that account for other things as well and I’m afraid it will all add up. Is it possible to automatically activate new users so that activating via email is no longer required, and then also disable the activation email?

Even if it is not important now, this could be useful later, so if this is not yet possible, could someone let me know and I’ll recategorize this under features? If it is possible, please be as descriptive as possible.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Use only social logins (Facebook, Google, etc) and the email validation doesn’t happen.

(Owen Sullivan) #3

Then is there some code I can use to disable the signup field and only allow social logins? Like when I click sign up, there is no more option to sign up with email?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

The settings you need to disable is enable local logins.

(Owen Sullivan) #5

Thanks, this worked!

(Owen Sullivan) #6

I found a serious issue with this feature - if you enable it, any accounts that were not created using an email address that can be verified by a social login will not be able to login.

For example, if I create an account with, enable Google login, and then uncheck enable local logins, I can login using Google. But, if I create an account with and uncheck enable local logins, that user is rendered useless. Would it be possible for the next release to include the option to enable local signups, but still have an active login field?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #7

Activation emails are a very small percent of all emails a Discourse forum can send.

By allowing email based logins without requiring activation, you’re opening up the forum for a ton of spam accounts which will, in turn, get emails when anyone posts.

There are a number of reasons to want to skip the email activation, but those typically have to do with a single-sign-on or closed environments.

I do not think you’re going to achieve your stated goal (sending less emails overall) by following down this path.

PS I was interested in this topic based on the title, but wonder if it should be changed to "Can I skip the auto-activation email"

(Owen Sullivan) #8

At this point, I’m more worried about the major issue when you actually uncheck the enable local logins option. Also, there is a plugin at GitHub - angelim/discourse_user_auto_activation that allows for auto-activation and I tried to use it, and the plugin works fine. However, it causes an issue with the Settings > Plugins page.

@angelim, you developed that plugin, so could you look at this issue? Whenever I use your plugin, I cannot access the Settings > Plugins page. It just says that there was an error, nothing else. However, when I disable the plugin it works fine.

(Mittineague) #9

That plugin has been abandoned

(Owen Sullivan) #10

Oh, that sucks… I guess I’ll delve into the code later. Thanks for the info though.