Auto Close Topic by # of posts?

I’m looking for the site setting referenced in this topic. “auto close topics post count”

I do see the setting for the merged feature,

And above that, the setting that manages the max number of posts on private message topics

…but I don’t see anywhere in settings where I can set it that topics should close after, say 5000 posts. I thought perhaps it needed to be defined by category but I don’t see anything there (that would be even more useful tbh). To be clear, I don’t want to set a timer on the topic, it’s specifically the post count I’m trying to control. I feel like I’m missing something obvious x.x

Thanks for the help!

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That would be this site setting auto close topics post count


I understand that’s what it’s called, but where, precisely, is that located?

And a pre-emptive answer that yes, I’ve used the search in settings.

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In admin->settings filter for auto close messages post count to set the number of posts to auto-close after.

For the record, a settings filter of auto close would have found it for you, that’s have I found the exact name.


This only affects private messages. I’m looking for auto close topics post count


That’ll teach me for skimming descriptions :expressionless:

I don’t have access to my non-hosted instance at the moment, so can’t double check there - hosted instance doesn’t allow that post count settings to be changed as far as I remember


Haha… no problem. :wink:

OK, that might be the answer I’m looking for… Thank you!

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Just double checked - self hosted has auto close topics post count. SaaS hosted does not. If you are SaaS hosted you can’t change it, I believe it is set to 10,000 ( Noted here: The MEGATOPIC: public good, or public menace? - #17 by jomaxro)


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