Auto Post New Topics to Social Media

(MorphZan) #1

Hi Guys

Is there anyway that when a new topic is created it the link can be automatically posted to either Twitter, Facebook and/or Telegram

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Plugin for auto posting to social media?
(David Taylor) #2

For Telegram, you can use discourse-chat-integration:

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(Jay Pfaffman) #3

You might check out


as @pfaffman stated - zapier is a good option and quite a few are using it now -

(cosmo) #5

Would it be possible to use native webhook functionality to push a webhook, have IFTTT listening for said hooks and make a social media post?

Would seem easy and free


Pretty much the same as what zapier does in the previous post.

(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #7

This is a good way to get your social media account suspended, I had this happen to one of my Twitter accounts for a website (build on Wordpress) I was working on that had a plugin which auto posted new posts on Twitter. You could get away with this if the amount of new topics/posts where limited (the social media platform will decide on what it considers “a lot” of new auto posts).