Auto-quoting early posts and why its so needed for big communities

I mean, if it has a lot quotes on it, it get really ugly and confuse, no? Two or three seems fine. Nothing prevents me or others members from quoting a post with six quotes inside already, though.

Yes. But if someone quote a really big post (just like yours), I also suggest that you would need to expand to see it (same behavior i seen on embed topics in Discourse). It would keep it clean.

I’m talking about my experience here in Discourse as well. This topic has more than 400 replies. I started reading it from beginning to end and I need to click to expand some replies (I’m not talking about two or three replies, but more than a few). And if I’m on mobile I get redirected to the reply I want to see, then I hit BACK button to continue my reading, then get redirected again to understand again what they’re were talking about when I see a reply without quote, then… you get my point? It’s even more exhausting (I think?) for discussions that are going on in a big flux of posts. I’ll explain above.

So, that would help here in Discourse and quieter forums in activity. Yesterday this topic got 70 replies in just a few hours. Imagine if more members joined this discussion and it exceeded more than 300 replies? With at least 15 members quoting early posts from different times (to participate into the discussion as well) while you’re still debating? You would click fifteen times to expand it to understand the context from those new replies if they weren’t in the mood to quote inside the editor. Then more fifteen new posts for you to click to expand to see replies/get the context again, then more fifteen…

If the quote were automatic in these cases, it would be more comfortable to you.

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