Automatic cross-links

Hi :slight_smile:

(I’m not sure about what exactly a featured-link, and if it’s the right tag for that.)

Seeing JammyDodger’s cross-link, I thought:

Why not make automatic cross-links, like many bug-trackers for example?

You just added a link to your post below the post of @JammyDodger by adding that link to your post.


OK, I see it now. :slight_smile:
So this feature was already made, sorry!

Sorry, you were not very clear and I never seen these links before.
Is it a very recent feature or am I cross-eyed?

@JammyDodger why did you add this cross-link, since it’s automatic? :slight_smile:
Maybe you didn’t see them, too? :smiley:

I added it to round the topic out and to more easily signpost people to the continuation of the discussion. Backlinks are very useful, though sometimes can be subtle. For a more direct reference, I find an ‘end post’ as a closer to be quite useful.