Automatically add users to groups via Zapier

Dear Discoursers,

I’ve looked and I can’t see this: how can I use Zapier / another integration tool to perform this automatic task:

  1. User is tagged in my email system: “bought the course.”
  2. User is added to a group in my discourse: “course buyers.”

I can’t use the “zapier to generate invite” functionality because a lot of the users are already in the forum.


This would be extremely useful.

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It should be possible to use Zapier to add users to Discourse groups now, but it could be fairly complex to set it up. There are some details here that could be helpful: How to make requests to the Discourse API with Zapier.

My hope is that an action can be added to the official Zapier Discourse integration for adding and removing users from Discourse groups. If that is done, setting Discourse group memberships based on actions that occur on an external service will be a straightforward process. I’m looking into what we need to do to get that to work. I’ll move this topic to our #feature category and update it as I get more information.


Thank you, @simon — I appreciate it.

Any updates on this?

(I love the discourse community I’ve created, but getting new people into the community is really challenging. There seems to be no way to auto promote current attendees and new buyers of my courses to a (secret) group —based on an event outside the community (buying my course. And I have stopped sharing the sign up link option, because customers keep using it as a log in link, and then panic when they arrive for the second time and are told they can’t sign up again because they are already logged in.)


Nothing has been done yet, but there are plans to add more features to the Zapier Discourse integration early in the new year. Adding the ability to manage group memberships is at the top of the list.


Let me know if you want to hear more of my use case!

For sure. The main thing we’ll need to know is if tagging a user in your email system is able to trigger an event on Zapier. If there’s an existing Zapier integration for your email system, then this can probably be easily accomplished.


Using @simon’s really helpful walkthrough, I’ve been able to add people to a Discourse group based on a Woocommerce subscription, but haven’t been able to work out how to remove them from the group if they cancel or pause their subscription. Official add/remove actions would be very useful.


It would be SO potent for me as a new Discourse community to be able to integrate using Zapier into the user database and the membership groups (adding/removing). Zapier has a rich set of integrations for my email provider (Drip) and also with my WordPress membership system.

If I could create / inform a new purchaser/paid member of them being added to Discourse and to a private group, WOW, I could bring over a lot of people into the community with a lot less friction! And if they can be removed automatically through a Zapier integration, WOW, again so helpful compared to manual ways.

What can I do to support making this happen?


Just asking the question is a good start. Improving the Discourse Zapier integration is at the top of my priority list. I’ll have more information about what can be done with the integration over the next couple of weeks.


That sounds great, Simon.

My flow is

  1. Add tag to a customer in ConvertKit
    *Zapier / Webhook / Integrately fires
  2. Add user to a group in Discourse OR create new user and add them to the group
  3. Notify customer about their new access.

@simon bumping this up

– has there been any progress on this? It remains the most frustrating part of Discourse for me.

I want to automatically add buyers of my course to the secret “buyers only” group of my Discourse, so only they can see course related posts.

Right now, the “join group” link is not a good solution because it fails when someone already has an account. They are simply left with an error message. And then someone on my team has to manually add them.

Any progress? Solutions? Work arounds?

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Sorry, no progress yet.

That doesn’t sound like it should be happening. What is the error message that the user sees?

Yes, this topic shows you how to add a user to a group using a Zapier webhook at the action step: How to make requests to the Discourse API with Zapier. Look at that topic’s “Add user to group” section for details about how to do it.

Looking forward for future progress!, i have this dilemma for a membership site and only Memberful has this unique feature to add registered members to a Discourse group.

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Hello, just want to add my +1 for this functionality. I think it would be a keystone feature for many people, myself included.

Hello I agree, it would be a real benefit, thx a lot :slight_smile: