Automatically set new post as Pinned for X days

When a new WP post is made and the corresponding Discourse topic is created, could that topic automatically be Pinned (globally) for a given number of days?

A configurable setting for this would be great, but a good default would be something like: Global pin for 2 days.

Would be a handy feature for us here on Meta, and I imagine elsewhere as well.


Sounds like a great idea to me, can you add it to your list @simon?

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I can add this, and also an option to publish unlisted topics, in the next update. At the moment I have the new publishing options as hidden Advanced Options:




Sorry to bump an old topic, but it’s more or less the same subject…

Is this feature available (or will it be) in discourse only? Meaning the ability to automatically pin a new topic created in discourse for a predefined amount of time. It would also be interesting to have some granular control over it, like making it available per category or per tag (good for global pinned topics).

I am not sure if I am understanding your question correctly. Topics can be pinned directly on Discourse. This is done by clicking the topic’s admin wrench and selecting “Pin Topic” from the menu that appears.

If topics are published from WordPress to Discourse, they can be pinned at the time they are published by selecting the “Pin Topic” checkbox from the Discourse sidebar.


Maybe I didn’t get the thread right.

I was looking for a feature that automatically pins new topics for a certain amount of time, restricted to categories or tags. Automatic unpin is fine and very useful, but automatic pin would be even better. :smiley: