Avatar Img tag missing alt attribute

I’m investigating a user who can’t see the site’s front page (a different issue).

In doing so, I ran my site’s source through the w3’s validator. This returned many errors of the form:

An img element with no alt attribute must not have any aria-* attributes other than aria-hidden.

While obviously not site breaking, I thought it should be tidied up at some point.

Sorry, I’m not in a position to produce a PR at this time.


I’m curious if the current markup will cause an issue for screenreaders, or if they will pull in the needed information from the avatar’s aria-label tag?

It looks like adding alt="" to the image would remove the error message from the validator.

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This is for the avatars in the topic list I assume? those are the ones that I see with an empty alt and filled aria-label

According to this `img` with null `alt` and non-null `aria-label` attributes - Screen reader compatibility

The latest screen readers will read the aria-label, which I think is our intention there. We should use alt instead of aria-label though, because that will cover older screen readers and be technically valid.