Avatar of OP displayed on categories page


I’m not sure if that’s intended or not but i can’t find any info about that here on meta.discourse.org. Basically, when i’m visiting my forum on a mobile device, “Active” topics page shows me, on the left side of a topic, avatar of a user who posted recently. And that’s great.

But! On desktop version, when browsing categories page (with active topics on the right), i can see the avatars of OPs instead of recent poster avatars.

I would rather see it working as on mobile version but i’m not sure if it’s a bug nor which behaviour is intended. Or maybe is that possible to configure it in admin panel?

Here is a live site with such problem: https://forum.hard-core.pl

Thanks in advance.

Here on meta it seems to show the same avatars…

Desktop Categories View

Mobile Latest View

Or are you referring to something else?

I see a few commits made from the version you are on that deal with avatars and the category list view, can you try going to /admin/upgrade, pulling down latest and verifying the issue still exists?

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Here is how it looks on my side:

and mobile:

It’s not directly a difference between “Active” page on desktop and mobile but rather a difference between “Active” column on categories page and “Active” page itelf.

ps. I’m on the most recent version i think. Which is v1.7.0.beta3 +19

No, there are more. The link I provided in my post was showing you the commits that have occurred after +19. I just recently upgraded my sandbox and it reports +51 right now.

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Ok, sorry. You’re right. I didn’t thought that there are any newer versions than discourse suggests me.

Anyway - i can’t see any commit related to my issue. I’m also not able to install the most recent version so i can’t check that manually. Anyway, that’s nothing critical to me, just thought that it’s a non-critical-but-still bug worth reporting.

If you think that’s gonna be fixed with the next beta release, that’s totally fine by me :wink:

I think it might? As meta (here) should be exhibiting the same behavior if the bug still exists and I can’t reproduce it here.

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Seems to be this commit that fixed it

Look at the changes for latest-topic-list-item.hbs

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Note, you need all the following commits as well, lots of subtle issues