Avatar settings not visible with SSO

Is there an Admin feature I might have accidently changed in my Discourse site, that would disable my Avatar settings? I can’t switch my avatar to pull from Gravatar. The regular settings for it are not being displayed at all.


I’m not sure what exactly it does, but you could check the external system avatars enabled setting.


That is already Enabled

Is automatically download gravatars enable?

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Which menu is that under, I can’t recall seeing that setting?

Under “File”, but if you copy and paste the string in the search box you can find this setting immediately


Yes, it’s enabled. I haven’t changed the File handling selections since installation and setup.

Can you try to run the safe mode (http://your.site.com/safe-mode) disabling all the plugins and eventually your customizations?
In this way you can understand if it’s only a site setting problem or not.


Good advice, though I would prefer to make that a last resort. Only takes a second to disable but over an hour to parse through every plugin and its settings.

I’m talking of this How to use Discourse Safe Mode just to check where the problem comes from.

If you run the safe-mode and the issue is still here you know that the problem is in your site settings.
If the issue goes away you know that the problem is created from plugins or customizations


Sorry, I made an incorrect assumption about how safe-mode works. I just tried it and still, No Joy trying to access my Avatar settings in my profile.

Are you using SSO? In that case, avatars might be handled on the parent side only.


You mean by WordPress? Interesting, I’ll check that out. Makes sense.

The WordPress/Discourse SSO is working but the Discourse Avatar isn’t updating from Gravatar, just the WordPress.

Is the site setting SSO overrides avatar enabled?


I don’t know Felix. This is my first experience hands on managing a Discourse instance. If the WordPress SSO is overriding or overwriting the Discourse Avatar, wouldn’t that mean the Gravatar is still current?

The WP Gravatar is current, the Discourse Gravatar is almost 20 days old.

Open your Discourse installation, open the main menu, click Admin, then Settings. In the search box, type sso overrides, and look for sso overrides avatar. Is the box checked?


That was it.
Unsellectd now.
What are the systemic consequences of turning that off?

With that setting disabled:

  • users can set their avatar normally
  • the parent site only provides the default for new users

With that setting checked:

  • on every logon, the parent site can overwrite the avatar
  • users cannot manually change their avatar

So disabling that setting makes avatars independent from the parent site, apart from providing the default :slight_smile:


Thanks Felix, very much appreciated.
You, Christoph, and Trash are golden.:trophy: