Avoiding the Letsencrypt limit

Having already hit the limit and having to wait, I know the frustration so I need to know.

  • Does a rebuild ask for a certificate every time?
  • can I comment out the letsencrypt part in app.yml after getting a certificate, will this break something?
  • Is there a way to rebuild without asking for a certificate?

I’ll need to rebuild when I copy uploads and backups to new the storage drive, if it doesn’t work I’ll need to revert changes and rebuild again, I don’t want to hit the limit again and have to wait another week.

Thanks in advance

No you don’t. Just

 ./launcher destroy app; ./launcher start app
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Thank you I’ll try that out and let you know

@pfaffman In app.yml it states

After making changes to this file, you MUST rebuild

I’ll be making changes to that file per this tutorial - Moving uploads and backups to DigitalOcean Block Storage for the new storage

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Well, that’s only mostly true. I’m pretty sure that a destroy/start is all you need.

EDIT: And I just confirmed moving the location of postgres, editing data.yml and destroy/start worked just fine.


@pfaffman thanks for all your help, I finally got everything to work and I’m using a temp domain for SSL until next week.

Followed the tutorial exact and used your suggestions to get it all up and running, thanks again :beers:

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