Awarding a badge based on a user being tagged in a post

Is it possible to award a Badge if User X has been tagged in Post Y?

I write a Post:
“And huge shoutout to @UserX and @UserY for doing stuff”

Is there a query that can award a badge to these two users because I tagged them in this specific post?

The “First Mention” badge already exists; I’m not sure why you would want to encourage mentioning one person, that’d be very annoying for the target person.


If you’re self-hosted and can create badge SQL you could create SQL to make such a badge. Presumably you’d target it so that only you or staff would make a badge with @mentions–but that would mean that you could never @mention someone without giving them a badge.

Hard to imagine that you really want that.


Why can’t you just create a badge for them and award it manually? It seems a lot simpler, plus it avoids the issues Jeff and Jay mentioned above.