Azure Blob Storage Plugin

(Stephen Chung) #24

I think if there are no records in uploads then the files won’t be removed to tombstone?

I believe Discourse doesn’t do a directory tree scan to find orphaned files…

(Stephen Chung) #25

If you:

  1. manually insert a record in uploads pointing to a new video file that you copied in
  2. add the URL in some post
  3. rebuild html for that post
  4. does it create post_records?

If you:

  1. compose new post
  2. upload an mp4
  3. fix the URL to get rid of the domain name (must leave the https: in otherwise the video won’t preview)
  4. save
  5. verify uploads record is created
  6. verify post_uploads record is NOT created

(Stephen Chung) #26

Just checked.

Posts created via email in are not affected by this problem. Video files attached from emails have the post_uploads record created successfully.

The reason seems to be that, when a video file is attached in an email, the HTML created is a simple <a> tag without https:. So it matches the uploads record’s url field exactly, allowing it to be found.

So this seems to be only a problem with the composer, which creates <video> tags.

(Stephen Chung) #27

Hi, I wonder if there is any potential solution to this issue?

(Maja) #28

I added a fix for this

Discourse Deleting Uploads moved from Local to S3
(Stephen Chung) #30

May I ask when this issue can be resolved?

Will the two PR’s be merged?

(Maja) #31

Last PR was merged today, so the issue with orphaned uploads should be resolved. The other one which fixes video URLs in the composer is still pending.

(Blake Erickson) #32

@schungx I know its not user friendly, but as a work around and for performance reasons (actually I’m not sure if there is a benefit to oneboxing a large video compared to an uploaded one?) I created a separate azure blob storage container for storing videos and manually upload them to azure (not via discourse in anyway), then I just onebox the video url when composing a post.

(Stephen Chung) #33

Well, as long as it doesn’t get orphaned then it is a minor hassle to correct the url in the composer.

Only problem is users uploading videos who won’t know to do this.

And yes, i believe video onebox is useful because it is simple to view.

(Stephen Chung) #34

By the way, ever got to fix the issue of non-ASCII filenames?

All file uploads with non-ASCII filenames fail, coming back with a 403:


(Maja) #35

Completely missed that one, sorry. Will take a look.