Wrong images link after cooking - since recent upgrade

Upgraded to 2.4.0.beta10 [8a82ceb3bc].

After cooking, all images in posts had the wrong src URL.

For example, before cooking:


After cooking:


Obviously, the cooked URL for the image src is wrong. It should be the optimized image under xxx.blob.co.windows.net; instead it is the topic’s link itself.

I am using Azure-Blob-Storage plugin. Not sure it it has something to do with it.

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Very extremely likely, the plugin is not supported and not maintained and marked as #plugin:broken-plugin at the moment.


Understand that this is free software and all…

But still, under discourse org maybe it should have some basic maintenance such that it doesn’t break with each change to the storage layer?

Not really complaining… Free and all…

Unfortunately we have zero paying enterprise customers using this plugin, if this changes we will certainly make it official and maintain it


Just to report back that this issue has been resolved (not sure if 100%).

Can be closed.