Babble - A Chat Plugin

Me and my users dont like this keyboard dissapear effect on chat post.

Is there any way to open keyboard pernamently on chat?

Trying to create a chat channel, no matter what I try it says “Unable to save that chat channel. Please try again.”
I looked in my logs and nothing regarding the plugin shows up.

How would one identify Babble chats in Data Explorer? I can write a query, please just point me to the table and field that identifies a topic or post as being a Babble chat.

Are Babble chats being counted as Posts in the admin panel statistics?

Can someone who uses this plugin write a list of current issues (including issues others have reported). I’ll try and find time to fix them next week.


My issues:

  • no route name (to launch it via mobile tab bar)
  • Every 10,000 messages a new chat has to be created manually (since that’s the limit for max number of replies to a topic)
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I’m not a dev, so I have no idea what qualifies as a list, but I can report this much:

If you try to select any category to assign permissions under, the click will not respond. Nothing gets put in the text feild, and you can’t write it in yourself and try to save. Doing so returns:

However, when we go and select the assign to groups button rather than the assign to category button, we are able to input a group or groups for the plugin to gate the rooms.

When we click save, it returns again and says we messed up, telling us we need to try again.

Same error as before, but this time upon refreshing…

Praise oden.

Room works, saves every time using method described above separating permissions for groups. Category rooms I could not get to function.

Couple things with the rooms themselves…

When we go to edit a rooms name, upon saving, it will return the unable to save error. On hard refresh, you will find that it actually did save.

One thing to note is the channel visible to the following groups was changed from admin to trust_level_0… I was curious if this was the case for multiple groups being tested at once… I am not really too sure there… so I tested.

I tried to set the visibility to only admins again, and it returns the same

Hard refresh puts us back at ground test_level_zero

Tried removing trust_level_0, adding admin, moderator

Nope. Saving throws the unable to save that chat channel, please try again error even with more than one group attempting to be “edited” or added to the groups visibility filter.

I wrote this up between 3 and 5 AM so if I did not properly explain things please just ask and I will be happy to reply.

The chats themselves work great, editing works, images work, delete messages show as deleted by the respective mod, for staff only, until you hard refresh in which case it goes away completely.

(could be by design, just noting)

Inline emotes work great even with custom emotes in there. Figured I’d do some testing since I’ll end up using it a lot and wanted to say thanks for taking the time to make it.

Also I could’ve missed things.

The first message in the room will add a post to your post count. I am pretty sure that’s by design, just noting.

Also this…

on hover

Tried every color combo under the sun for my theme, couldnt get that icon to show up unless I was hovering. Not sure if that is due to the theme I use (graceful) or something else or what.

Goodnight and good morning.

Cheers for the plugin.

Fixed in


I still have the same issue. I am on 4.1.1. babble :frowning:
I keep getting the error message and the Chat permissions are not saved.


An error occures when I try to add a Babble channel with category.
See Firefox console at the bottom :

My discourse version :

Babble version :


We deployed the fix, The error message is gone, but the permissions are still not saved

I believe I’m having the same issue. Not able to save the chat category.

Same here. Would be great if you could take a look @gdpelican !


I’ve raised a couple of PRs which fix the Admin → Chats interface and allows you to save once more and select Categories.

UPDATE: @angus has kindly merged these so please update and this particular interface at least should now be working.


We have over 12K posts in a single chat. This is increasingly demanding on system ressources.

I suppose that auto closing 10k+ topics is done for a good reason. Is there any way to manage this in Babble, short of deleting whole chat? The “babble history window” setting doesn’t seem to have any effect on this.


Awesome Plugin for Discourse! Thank you very much!

Fantastic Plugin!

How do I fix missing translation as shown in Pic? Is the initial user count how many users are displayed?

@gdpelican is there a way to set Babble chat not to tigger the follow plugin? Will ask follow plugin author as well.

I’ve encountered that the image is streching horizontally when I make the chat fullscreen.



@gdpelican any chance you will add a route name to open the chat?

Refresh your page the default bullhorn icon is beside the search icon. I replaced mine with the FA Comments.