Babble - A Chat Plugin


An error occures when I try to add a Babble channel with category.
See Firefox console at the bottom :

My discourse version :

Babble version :


We deployed the fix, The error message is gone, but the permissions are still not saved

I believe I’m having the same issue. Not able to save the chat category.

Same here. Would be great if you could take a look @gdpelican !


I’ve raised a couple of PRs which fix the Admin → Chats interface and allows you to save once more and select Categories.

UPDATE: @angus has kindly merged these so please update and this particular interface at least should now be working.


We have over 12K posts in a single chat. This is increasingly demanding on system ressources.

I suppose that auto closing 10k+ topics is done for a good reason. Is there any way to manage this in Babble, short of deleting whole chat? The “babble history window” setting doesn’t seem to have any effect on this.


Awesome Plugin for Discourse! Thank you very much!

Fantastic Plugin!

How do I fix missing translation as shown in Pic? Is the initial user count how many users are displayed?

@gdpelican is there a way to set Babble chat not to tigger the follow plugin? Will ask follow plugin author as well.

I’ve encountered that the image is streching horizontally when I make the chat fullscreen.



@gdpelican any chance you will add a route name to open the chat?

Refresh your page the default bullhorn icon is beside the search icon. I replaced mine with the FA Comments.

My whole point is to move the icon from header bar to mobile tab bar component.
My header is really cluttered on mobile

I haven’t looked into it. But I imagine might be able to find a link and hide it in headet

Is anybody having issues with browser tabs freezing for up to a minute when using babble?
The browser freezes when opening a chat channel, typing a new message, sending a new message etc.
Happens on latest Chrome on MacOS only

Is there any plan to make Babble one of the officially supported plugins (Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion)? If not, why not?

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There’s no plan to do this. We find that Discourse paired with a chat software is adequate when you treat chat like short term memory and Discourse like long term memory.

Also chat tends to have a low signal to noise ratio which directly contradicts our aims to increase conversation quality via emphasizing paragraphs over words.


Thanks Justin. Do you have any examples or guidance around best practices for combining discourse with chat? I get that chat has low signal to noise but for our startup it will be an important piece of the puzzle. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, great plugin! This will definitely see some use on my site.

Just a thought. This chat UI behaves a little strangely on mobile due to the fact that it doesn’t account for the height of the keyboard when a user is typing. Maybe have an option for the chat messages to default to the bottom of the chat window vs. the top (like most messaging apps)? This would make new responses still visible on mobile when a chat is just starting out.

Fantastic work on this though. Still digging in, but so far this is a great find.

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A lot of it is going to be setting a culture. Encouraging behaviors like posting transcripts or summaries from chat to Discourse, moving longer discussions to Discourse, keeping a knowledge base in topics and linking to them, etc. If you treat chat like information won’t exist after a day, that mindset ultimately helps.


Hey folks,

I’ve put in a few fixes here, including patching up the emoji and attachment features to work with the latest discourse, fixing the user card not appearing when clicking mentions / user avatars, preventing images from stretching horizontally on expanding the chat, and patching up some deprecations as well.