Babble - A Chat Plugin

(Joel Zaslofsky) #127

That sounds wonderful to me.

Agreed. It’s fixed.

Whatever was causing my issue is now gone with your recent updates.

I have a little more testing to do about the sound notifications since they aren’t triggering on mobile or tablet view, even when I allow notifications at the browser level in Firefox or Chrome. I need to more thoroughly test before I can make a report on that.

(David Kingham) #128

I’m trying to create a chat channel based on a group and I get this error

(James Kiesel) #129

Hm, ive pushed a fix for that particular error, although I dont think it was particularly related to creating a group channel. Can you let me know if that fixes it for you?

(David Kingham) #130

That fixed it, thank you! Amazing plugin btw.

(Jeff Vienneau) #131

I gave up and had to disable it and then later after a discourse update the plugin caused my instance to fail to launch so I removed it.

I may check again later but the risk is not worth the feature.

(James Kiesel) #132

This was fixed a while back and mentioned here. I’d suggest giving it another go @Jeff_Vienneau; Babble is stable with the latest Discourse at the moment, and I’ve been responding quickly to reports that things are broken.

(Jeff Vienneau) #133

Good to hear things are fixed. It was an experiment at the time and worth a re-visit later for sure.