Babble Chat

Hey team, I’ve just released the PM branch for beta testing. This is a pretty significant update (it’ll be a major version bump once it goes into master), so I’d love some folks to try it out if you’re willing. What’s new:

  • Direct messaging: You can now have a one-to-one babble chat with anyone you could send a private message to.

  • More intuitive and customizable chat handle: The babble widget is now much more customizable through css, and indicates when you have unread content and mentions

  • Better unread indication: Always know when you have stuff to read, and where. Channels are marked with whether they are read or not, and indicate if there are direct messages or @mentions

  • Who’s online integration: If you have this plugin installed alongside the Who’s online plugin, it will highlight who is online in the direct messages section, as well as avatars within the chat itself.

It’s currently live on, or you can install it yourself by referencing the pms branch of the Babble repo:

# app.yml
- git clone -b pms

Eager to hear your feedback; let me know how you get on.