Back button in iOS PWA

According to this page, you can detect if a page is running in app mode by checking window.navigator.standalone. Unfortunately, I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t check. You’ll need to do something different on Android, since they use a CSS-based API instead.

whats the setting under?

Not implemented yet, soonish we will have it done.


This is now configurable using the pwa_display_browser_regex hidden site setting.

@jaihaze it’s already set in your site.


well it doesnt work. If i add it to home screen it then prompts me to login which when I login does nothing but kick me back to safari.

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Oh my, looks like now the PWA and the Safari are using different cookie contexts, so oauth2 login is impossible.


so how do i get passed it?

It looks like PWAs are kinda broken on iOS at the moment, per the bug report filed with Apple above.


Looks like this was fixed in iOS 12.1. Can anyone confirm?


I’m a bit green at this but trying to learn, what would be the rails command to turn this setting on?

the issue is now when you create the bookmark it brings you to the pwa style app, however logging in does nothing and creates a login loop

Ok so just a quick question, since it can’t be done is it safe to say I should go to the plugin marketplace?

The issue needs to be fixed by Apple - what would a plugin solve?


how is this an apple issue? I have it open right now with no menu bar on ios 12.1. I just cannot login to it. Everytime I go to login it loops back. Im not even worried about it not being supported at this point, even if im the only one using it. I was sent an email that the cookies are not being remembered or something which is apparently a bug. A plugin or some code apparently people here are saying it could be done - however I just cannot login to it

It’s a Safari bug - @falco explained this four days ago and linked to the specific bug on the WebKit tracker:

Webkit is the underlying browser engine Apple uses in Mobile Safari. Webkit has to ship a fix, then Apple has to ship an OS update to iOS with said fix.

Brady Eidson acknowledged that Apple is tracking the issue in Radar:


thats wrong, I would have made this post sooner if back in july this was happening. This is different. Read the bug report, different app. I am not using any other app, I login and safari asks me to login so the cookies arent being saved. I have no issues using this same method in all of june, july, august, and even september. Its since the update to business plan which is when it stopped working. So either my phones are stupid or the problem is a totally different one

The guy who acknowledged the bug is an Apple Engineer and handles Webkit architecture at Apple.

Yes - it can be a Webkit issue from that long ago, because your iPhone didn’t get any Webkit updates between 11.4 which shipped in May 2018 and iOS 12, which shipped on September 17, 2018. The version of Safari used in 11.4 is likely to be much older as they select a version early on and test it for several months.

Webkit isn’t safari, it’s a browser engine. Safari uses Webkit. iPhones get three or four Safari updates annually.

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ok I see what youre saying here. What if I can show you an iOS video of 12.1 with the current date and it working? I am sure there is other people of my community that has the same icon set. is it possible to get an app made thru external sources where it basically frames discourse like how there is fb messengers and all use the web version but doesnt show anything else but fb messages?

You mean this?

im not going to lie to you, I have no idea how github works or what that is. If its what im asking for then great, lol how do i use it